Suse Asia

Social Media Marketing

At A Glance


Over 850,000 IT managers and developers reached


825 Social media engagement


100% capacity for their virtual events


Building Awareness: SUSE Asia needed help building brand awareness and recognition across their APAC market.
Standing Out from Competition: The open source enterprise cloud market is dense and full of big players – especially across SouthEast Asia.


Identifying Target Audience

We helped SUSE identify their ideal client profile and used it to create target personas around IT managers and developers.

Designing Compelling Creative

In such a crowded market, we knew our content needed to stand out on social platforms.

Establishing Key Messaging

We also knew our messaging needed to cut through the noise of the market and make an impression on our audience.

Promoting Virtual Events

Due to the global pandemic, we helped SUSE heavily promote their online events

Testing and Iterating

We closely analyzed the results of each post, quickly identified which messages were resonating most, and iterated on these for continued success.

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