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Training Vision Institute is a leading training provider and human capital consultancy firm in Singapore. Their approach is based on maximizing every individual’s full potential through applied knowledge, best practices, and innovative mind-sets.

They offer a range of higher education, professional, and self-development programs.

The Training Vision Institute operates five training centers across the country with an aim to make training and education accessible to all.



Training Vision Institute wanted to promote one of its leadership programs directed to SME owners. Going by their past experience, they realized that this time around, they needed a more robust lead generation strategy to acquire a greater volume of student leads in a cost-effective manner.

They needed a digital marketing partner who understood the education sector and could help them reach their target audience effectively. That’s when Brew Interactive was approached.


We were brought on board to promote their leadership program and generate inquiries from these SME owners.

In order to do so, we had to bring in quality traffic and reach out to prospective students who would benefit most from their leadership program.

The first thing we did was conduct comprehensive research on Training Vision Institute. We spoke to the team to understand their business goals, offerings, and challenges.

We then chalked out detailed personas which served as the guiding factor while creating the lead-generating offer and crafting relevant communication.

1. Designed an optimized landing page

We created an optimized landing page dedicated to promoting their leadership program. It was centered around creating awareness, generating interest, and educating prospective students.

The content was developed keeping the target audience (SME owners) and their challenges in mind. The leadership program was positioned as one that would help them boost their skills and take them up the career ladder.

The landing page ended with a prominent call-to-action, encouraging prospects to fill the contact form, download a detailed brochure on the program, and receive a call-back.

2. Ran targeted ad campaigns

The next step was attracting traffic to the landing page and generating inquiries. We selected channels that would be most relevant to the target audience and crafted communication that would appeal to them.

We ran targeted ads across multiple networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and programmatic among others. Users were targeted on the basis of location, behaviors, and interests.

Facebook ad

Facebook ad

3. Ran prospecting ads

In an attempt to identify the right prospects for the leadership program, we set up a prospecting ad campaign.

We created content surrounding topics that would be of interest to SME owners and leaders and promoted them on Facebook. Those who clicked on these ads were retargeted through ads across Facebook, Google, native and programmatic networks, directing them to the landing page and ultimately, attracting inquiries.


The results were incredible. Our well-designed landing pages and advertising strategy proved to be hugely successful. We helped them obtain over 400 new leads while achieving a 75% decrease in cost per lead and a 305% increase in ROI.

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