69% new customers YoY


Increased revenue by 33%


TVS Supply Chain Solutions was growing quickly by acquiring new business units to expand their operation across Asia, but they had a problem: Their new business units were stagnant – particularly their Global Freight Solutions (GFS) division.
It had a ton of potential, but they couldn’t grow it effectively.
At the time, they were relying on traditional sales development reps prospecting manually, and were simply unable to keep up with other businesses in the region as they were steadily losing market share.
They had never invested in digital before, but they knew they needed an effective marketing solution and partner to improve their brand awareness and reclaim market share.


Drive Brand Awareness for GFS

Our initial objective was to build GFS’ market share by efficiently
connecting with the right prospects at the right time.

Comprehensive Landing Page Design

Prior to working with Brew, TVS SCS had thin landing pages that didn’t fully cover their services or compel users to convert. So we started by developing comprehensive and user-friendly landing pages that thoroughly detailed GFS’ solutions. We aimed to answer any questions a prospective customer might have, and highlighted GFS’ biggest differentiators, so prospects would be primed for a productive, high converting sales call.

Google Search and Display Ads

Once their new landing pages were launched, we rolled out Google Search and Display Ads, pulling from our huge library of data from past campaigns. We targeted relevant keywords in the region and rolled out a variety of different ad creatives. Over time, we were able to highly optimise both for high conversion rates from qualified prospects.

Produced High Quality Video Assets

To really make a splash in the market, we knew TVS SCS needed high quality video. Static visuals would help move the needle, but not enough to take serious ground in the market. We worked with their team to produce a handful of videos focused on how easy it is to use their forwarding solutions. We pushed these videos through LinkedIn and a very successful YouTube Ad campaign.

ABM Campaign Support

After seeing quick success with our GFS campaign, we expanded our services
to help TVS with some ABM campaigns focused on targeting and nurturing
high value accounts in the healthcare industry.

Whitepaper Production

Whitepapers have been the go-to for lead nurturing for some time now, but they’re becoming less effective – unless you produce something of truly high value, which we did. Our team of industry writers and designers put together a series of in-depth information and data to help those in the healthcare sector overcome common supply chain challenges. These resonated very well with TVS’ target accounts.

Highly Targeted LinkedIn Ads for Healthcare Sector

We then used LinkedIn to get these whitepapers into the hands of our target accounts. We uploaded our list to LinkedIn and then ran a variety of different creatives to our target audience and optimised the ads for conversions as we went.


We helped TVS SCS generate nearly 70% more customers in 2022 than their previous year, resulting in a 33% increase in revenue. Their Global Forwarding Solutions business unit is thriving, and they’ve significantly grown their presence in the healthcare sector.

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